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Design is not what is perceived when looking at a building. Resides in the details; is able to feel through the comfort and lifestyle that allows. It is in the spirit and the sensations it generates.

Feel the design.

“defined spaces“ vs “closed spaces“

From window to mirador: a room that opens to the world.
The enclosures can be dynamic. In this house a door has been incorporated with a folding leaf system that provides great visual transparency, spaciousness and integrates the interior with the surroundings.

The game of light

“Architecture defines the relationship between light and structures.“

Imbred elements

A harmonious fusion between natural materials and technology; the stylistic qualities of the traditional are kept, adding the properties and functionalities that bring the innovative elements.

Glass curtain

Without walls. A glass curtain that separates the rooms, provides privacy and allows the entry of natural light.


The ventilators placed horizontally in the windows allow a control of the ventilation, avoiding the waste of energy in the opening of a window.

Invisible armor

More anti-theft protection. Certified windows with a level of security RC2 resist possible assault attempts.


In this building, U-glass replaced conventional walls, providing impermeability and brightness. The installation as a double glazing chamber provides structural strength and sound insulation up to 41 dB.

Windows large format

Sliding doors of large dimensions, like the one installed in this house, blur the boundary between the interior and the exterior.
Due to the dimensions and weight of the door, there were installed some elements such as: speed limiters, which prevent accelerations of the blade, additional carts and dampers for the handles, which ensure a controlled descent of the leaves and prevent uncontrolled closing.

Access control

Home automation