Our production process begins with the incorporation of our professionals in the design phase of the architectural solution, contributing their experience and knowledge. It ends with the provision of assembly teams, abailable to work anywhere in the world.

Design of architectural solutions

Aware of the wide diversity of scenarios, we continuously analyze market trends in order to develop innovative solutions that add value to our customers.

Standard process

We have implemented our own work methodology that provides flexibility and capacity for immediate response.

01 / Stock

02 / Cut

03 / Mechanized process

04 / Fittings +

05 / Optional extras

06 / Expedition

Audit and approval of orders

07 / Shipping

The material is sent through our fleet of vehicles or through our international heavy transport partners, by plane, boat or road: in the shortest time.


Manufacturing in
6 hours

“Lean“ system for the order processing

Assembling line dedicated to customer solutions with critical supply needs.

Assembly on site

Our specialized assembly teams travel to any place in the world according to the needs of our projects.

Efficient production procedures implemented

With the collaboration of specialized companies, we have implemented procedures aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process, which allows us to achive competitive conditions in our projects.

Lean manufacturing

This strategy optimizes production through the efficient use of resources, eliminating those actions that do not add value to our activity and reducing manufacturing times and costs. It provides flexibility and incorporates the principle of continuous improvement in our processes.

5S Methodolgy

We organize work areas according to these five criteria, obtaining greater productivity and a better organized work environment, more orderly and permanently clean.


The plant is visually predictable and understandable.
We use this visual technique to control the status and progress of the work in the production line, which allows for a rigorous monitoring, take corrective actions aimed at eliminating potential causes of a problem and improve the planning of our work team.